Frozen Fastpasses & Haunted Mansion Holiday – Geeks Corner – Episode 349

This week on our live taping of Geeks Corner, Mr. DAPs, Johnny 5, and Hayley the Hatter discuss the plethora of things that are going on at the Disneyland Resort.

First off, Disneyland unveiled a new non-fastpass system this morning at the Frozen Meet n’ Greet location. This Return Trip Ticket system allows guests to be assigned a time to return to the location to meet Elsa and Anna. You can read more about it here:

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The Haunted Mansion is in process of getting its yearly Holiday makeover. The Haunted Mansion Holiday has Jack Skellington and crew returning this year for what is shaping up to be a fantastic Halloween and Christmas Holiday time at the Disneyland Resort… complete with a new Gingerbread House! You can read about it here:

Beyond talking about this holiday overlay, the Geeks talk about the holiday overlays in general, the timing of them, and which version of the Haunted Mansion is better! What do you think?

Next, Johnny 5 gives an education about the proper pronunciation for many things that are mispronounced at the Disneyland Resort. Have you heard any of these? Have you caught yourself saying any of these?

Finally, the geeks take a look at the news and what is going to be happen in the coming months at the Disneyland Resort!

Through all of this, you can chat with the Geeks live or leave a comment for them during or after the taping. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Geeks Corner!

Let’s go to the corner!

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