Mark Hamill on Star Wars – An Interview at Star Wars Weekends

Mark Hamill is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this weekend to drive all of us crazy on the west coast who can’t see Luke Skywalker in person. Well, not exactly. But he is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this weekend and he will be driving me crazy since I am out here in California. Thankfully, there are hopefully going to be lots of photos, interviews, and youtube videos fingers crossed to allow me to geek out vicariously through all those who get to see him in person. The geeking out has already begun with a photo that was posted yesterday and by a very brief interview that was posted today. While there really isn’t a whole lot new that comes out of either, they are both quite cool. It is the continuation of the legacy that has me so excited. It also is seeing my childhood heroes return to be heroes again.

So what do you think of the interview? Anything jump out at you? Which Star Wars original cast member would you like to see/hear/meet?

If you are at the Star Wars Weekends this weekend and get pictures or video of the Mark Hamill events, we’d love if you shared with us so we could post anything you get! Just hit the contact us button and I’m sure you’ll hear us geeking out from all the way over in Florida!

Make it a GREAT day!

– Mr. DAPs

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