Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Dedicated at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Dedicated at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was dedicated tonight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With the help of Resistance fighters, Disney Parks, Products, and Experience Chairman Bob Chapek led a ceremony dedicating this new attraction “that can only be described as epic.”

The ceremony began with Resistance fighters preparing to take new recruits aboard a transport to General Organa. This brief performance included the setup that Poe Dameron will be a part of this mission as well. It also included some energetic cheers for the Resistance. As part of the setup, X-Wings flew above the base. Finally, the flight crews made their way to the ships and Bob Chapek made his way to stand in front of the X-Wing. Chapek shared about how immersive, ambitious, and epic the attraction was. He also thanked all of the Imagineers and cast members who made this attraction possible. After a brief speech, Chapek was joined by Resistance fighters and Chewbacca. As he invited guests to live their very own Star Wars adventure, fireworks burst behind him.

Watch highlights of the ceremony here:

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