Remembering Diane

Diane Disney Miller

Just two short months ago, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Diane Disney Miller at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. My mom, friend Andrew, and I had gone up for a talk that Marty Sklar was doing. Little did I expect that the day would be truly memorable. While we were waiting to go into the theater, I noticed that Diane was at the museum, and I found myself so excited because I was hoping that I would be able to meet her.  At that moment though, we were led into the theater for Marty’s talk, and the moment of opportunity slipped away.

Once the talk was over, we all filed out of the theater to get in line for his book signing. While we were waiting, we saw Diane again, and my mom took my hand and walked me over there so I could meet her. I don’t think I would have gone up to her if it wasn’t for my mom. I don’t usually go up to a “celebrity” unless if they’re doing a meet and greet. We waited a few moments, and then my mom started talking to her. I don’t really remember the first few moments because it was such a blur. Somehow, the fact that I have a hospitality degree came up, and Diane excitedly took my hand and told me that Disney was the company to work for! We asked if we could take a picture, and Diane pulled us into one of the empty galleries and chatted with us for a few more moments before we got our picture. It’s surreal to think about it as I write this, but it was one of the most treasured moments I have ever experienced, and I will hold it so close to my heart forever.

When I heard about her passing, I immediately thought about that day in September and teared up a bit, as I am so thankful that I got to meet her. She was such a wonderful woman who was so full of life, and had so much of Walt in her. Those few moments I shared with Diane Disney Miller were so special, and I will look back on that day with great fondness. She truly lived out her father’s legacy and dream even after he passed, and spread magic where she could. She will be truly missed by the Disney community, including myself, but we are so thankful that she helped keep the Disney name and magic alive for people of all ages.

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Diane Disney Miller and I

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