Mickey’s Compass Quest – Disneyland’s Limited Time Magic

During the show of Mickey’s Magical Map

Mickey’s Compass Quest Take Guests on Quest Through Disneyland

It is about halfway through the year of Limited Time Magic, and it is roaring along!  This week it has extended to the new Mickey’s Magical Map show at Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theater.  As guests depart after the performance, they are invited to keep the magic going by participating in a quest.  Yen Sid has hid several compasses around Disneyland, and guests can find them by clues from a map given at the exit of the show.

The clues take guests on a quest through Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, and Fantasyland.  Clues are given on the map, as well as the answers that are to be marked off are multiple choice.  Three out of the seven clues require riding an attraction to find out where the compass is hidden.  Upon completion, guests take the map to the attractions wait time info kiosk to get a special prize!

I was surprised at how in depth this Limited Time Magic event was.  There was an announcement before the show started and the maps are printed quite nicely.  I was not expecting a scratch off answer sheet inside either.  I have been a fan of the in park quests since way back at the off time anniversary events (which I’ve written about here).

The compass props were well done, and blended in nicely to the environment they were located in.  It didn’t detract from the rides they were on, and the average guest would pay no mind while in line for others.  Well, there is one compass exception that is a bit blaring, but it still fit the scene.

It’s a great interaction for guests to go to multiple areas, and even go on attractions that aren’t expected to be busy this week.  I saw a lot of families enjoying the scavenger hunt in each land.  One downside is the timing of going on a particular attraction.  One of the compasses is within the Storybook Land Canal Boats, and I happened to hit try to go on when the parade was going.  That means that it was shut down temporarily.  But, this means that several families would have to wait and come back.  And with two parades it doesn’t make it easy.  In all, they could have picked a different attraction to go on.

One of the things of the park I used to enjoy were the Virtual Magic Kingdom quests they had once upon a time.  This map quest reminded me of those days.  In all, I hope they do more of them!  I think it especially adds something for annual passholders to keep coming back, especially during Limited Time Magic.  It added to Mickey’s Magical Map to have it encompass (no pun intended) the whole magic kingdom.  If you venture out to the parks before it ends on June 9, definitely try it!

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