Geek Eats: Thermal Detonators – A Star Wars Inspired Recipe

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The Star Wars galaxy is a very large place. It is filled with lots of dangerous people with dangerous weapons. One of the most dangerous weapons that is easily carried (and now easily consumed) is a thermal [...]

Geek Eats: TIE Striker Appetizers: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Inspired Recipe

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Geek Eats: TIE Striker Appetizer Recipe - Geeks Who Eat In honor of Star Wars Day, today we'd like to share with you a recipe that is inspired by Rogue One: A Star [...]

Geek Eats: Enchanted Rose Creme Brûlée – A Beauty and the Beast Inspired Recipe from Geeks Who Eat

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Disney's live-action recreation of Beauty and the Beast is now out and being loved by a whole new generation of Disney fans. Two of the biggest fans I know of Beauty and the Beast are [...]

Geek Eats: Honeymooner Cocktail Featuring Rosa Regale From Geeks Who Eat

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Mr. DAPs & Geeks Who Eat Wedding Recently one of my good friends DC Sarah was married and I had the high honor of getting to attend the wedding to her and her [...]

A Finding Dory Inspired Recipe: Fish Are Friends Not Food Tacos

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Finding Dory is almost in theaters and Geeks Who Eat are very big fans of Finding Nemo have shared a Finding Dory inspired recipe in anticipation of this new Disney-Pixar fish flick! Remembering that "fish are friends [...]