A Finding Dory Inspired Recipe: Fish Are Friends Not Food Tacos

Geeks Who Eat - Fish Are Friends Not Food Tacos- A Finding Dory Inspired Recipe
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Finding Dory is almost in theaters and Geeks Who Eat are very big fans of Finding Nemo have shared a Finding Dory inspired recipe in anticipation of this new Disney-Pixar fish flick! Remembering that “fish are friends not food,” the Geeks Who Eat made sure that no harm comes to any fish in the making of their tacos. Their recipe is not only delicious but also vegan. Oh, and did I mention they created this recipe themselves?

Watch this video to learn how to make “Fish Are Friends Not Food Tacos – A Finding Dory Inspired Recipe.

If you would like the specifics of this recipe, check it out here:

Make sure and check out Geeks Who Eat for more fun recipes, reviews, and food geekiness!

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