The Honeymooner Cocktail Featuring Rosa Regale

Geek Eats: Honeymooner Cocktail Featuring Rosa Regale From Geeks Who Eat

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Recently one of my good friends DC Sarah was married and I had the high honor of getting to attend the wedding to her and her now husband. Both are huge Disney fans and so of course went to Walt Disney World for their honeymoon. While there they were able to experience the magic that is the World Showcase Wine Walk. During this walk they experienced a sparkling red wine in Italy by Rosa Regale.

Following the honeymoon, Rosa Regale reached out to these Geeks Who Eat to have them create a Valentine’s Day-themed cocktail. To their delight, the sparkling wine they were provided was the same that they had experienced on their honeymoon! This is a wine that has hints of strawberry, raspberry, and rose. Being clever, they thought that they would buck the vodka trend and instead go with a cocktail that utilized gin. According to the Geeks Who Eat, Our gin cocktail adds a bit of a herbaceous note to the sweet flavor of Rosa Regale, which tones it down for the cocktail lover who isn’t crazy about overly sweet drinks (like us).

I hope you enjoy this special cocktail recipe that they have shared with DAPs Magic. It is the perfect drink for a Valentine’s Day celebration or really any special night.

What did you think of this recipe? How did you like it? Did you modify it in any way? Leave a comment below and make sure and share this recipe with the hashtag #GeekEats!


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  1. Nice taste overall!

    1. That’s great to hear!

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