Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats Review

“Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats” – Mr. Daps’ Review

A new stop motion animated special has come to Disney+ this Halloween. Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats has Mickey Mouse (Bret Iwan), Minnie Mouse (Kaitlyn Robrock), Goofy (Bill Farmer), Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo), and Daisy Duck (Debra Wilson) go trick or treating on Halloween. After visiting all the regular houses to get candy in town, they decide that the scariest one would have the most candy and would be worth stopping by. After all, Donald brought an extra bag. However, they discover that the house is owned by Witch Hazel who casts a spell on the six friends. Together they music figure out how to break the spell and while they do it, everyone learns a lesson about friendship.


Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats really is a cute story. While there is nothing overly complex about it, there is a nice message and it moves along at a good pace. It also has some cute humorous moments along the way, with some connecting with other Disney stories through the years (so keep an eye open for these Easter Eggs!).

Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats


I love that Disney has made a second stop motion animated special with Mickey Mouse and his friends. I love the style of these programs and think they look great! They have a timeless feel that really are enjoyable to watch. I think this special looks really good, the music is quite fun, and the voice talent is great as well.

Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats


The main characters in this special are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Daisy Duck. They are joined by Hazel Witch, which was a really fun addition. They all acted just as one would expect these characters to act. There was actually some growth in one of these characters throughout the episode. There was also some humor that fit naturally with these characters. Overall, this was a funy special in the way it handled the characters and just felt right.


There are three songs that are included with Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats. This includes Fright Night, Alone on Halloween, and Friends Like You Make Halloween. These are fun and catchy and definitely can get stuck in your head after watching it. The music for this show kept with the happy Halloween theme that this whole special presents.

Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats

Final Thoughts

Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats is a lovely new Halloween special for Disney fans to enjoy on Disney+. It is cute, charming, and has moments of humor that make for a very enjoyable family viewing experience. I am very glad that Disney has made another stop motion animated special with these characters. I really hope that in the future there will be more of these as I enjoyed watching this one and I also really liked Mickey Saves Christmas. I give this one a solid hat tip, almost taking it off. Enjoy watching this with your family during this Halloween season!

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