The Nightmare Before Christmas Starbucks Tumbler

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Starbucks Tumbler Returning to shopDisney

The Nightmare Before Christmas Starbucks tumbler is returning to shopDisney on October 4. Initially, the tumbler went on sale on September 29, 2023. It quickly sold out (reportedly in under a minute!). Now the restock is coming and has been announced for the 4th.

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The tumbler has outlines of different characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas on it including Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero. These are all sketched onto a dark background on the tumbler. A photo was shared of the tumbler by shopDisney. It can be seen here:

This tumbler is one of many Starbucks mugs and tumblers currently found on shopDisney. There are other tumblers as well, mugs, totes, and even the Been There Star Wars mugs. They can all be found here. They cover holidays, milestones, some brands, and even a few of the 50th collection from Walt Disney World Resort.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Starbucks tumbler will be available on shopDisney October 4 at 12:00 AM PT / 3:00 AM ET. Be sure to be on the site ahead of time if you want to get one of these tumblers. They will most likely sell out quickly.

What do you think about this tumbler? Did you get one the first time they went on sale? Are you going to attempt to this time? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


15 responses to ““The Nightmare Before Christmas” Starbucks Tumbler Returning to shopDisney”

  1. Dexterlogan Avatar

    Hey, at the start of your article it says it will be restocked and available October 6th then down further the article says October 4th. Do you know which is the correct date because whichever date it is I have to wait up until 3AM to purchase it.
    Thank you

    1. It’s the 4th! Sorry, we are having a couple of database issues and my update didn’t update!

      1. Dexterlogan Avatar

        No worries! Lol I was like I can’t stay up both nights if it isn’t the 4th. Thank you!

  2. This time they only had 4 available sold out within second!! I waited 5 hours in the website. I clicked the check out and when it reloaded it was sold out at 1201am pst

  3. BRITTNEY T Avatar

    The restock sold out within seconds again. :/ This time there was a limit of 2 and despite refreshing at midnight the site bogged down and when i finally saw the tumbler it was sold out. This is ridiculous. 

  4. I had a tumbler in my shopping cart and went to pay and it said “out of stock”. This was at 1203. Great job supporting re-sellers Disney. This tumbler goes for $200 plus on eBay.

  5. Are there going to be any other dates to get this tumbler?
    There needs to be more available. There are so many fans but the ones that are getting them are putting them for sale at an outrageous price.

  6. I tried both times and it was sold out by the time I went to hit pay. They aren’t stopping ppl from using bots to buy them all up to turn around and resell on ebay and places like that for $200-$400. They love helping resellers make a bunch of money, it seams.

  7. Hello
    We tried both times to get tumblers my daughter had them in the cart and by the time she got done entering her info they were sold out and gone out if her cart mind you they went on sale at 12pm and by 12:01pm they were sold out. Its seems to be rediculous that it had happened both time not just to us but to other people as well. It very disappointed people are upset with shopdisney saying its a scam just to draw attention to the webiste for purchases on other items. Just very disappointing in shopydiney.

  8. Dexterlogan Avatar

    It was sold out in a second it seemed. I kept reloading from 250 AM EST to 3AM I had my credit card already setup I was logged in. I put it in my bag at 3AM instantly and it already said low stock the second it was on the site and I hit check out instantly and it said sold out. It was still 3AM at this point and it was 3AM a little after that. So it was like a second, it had to be, so frustrating

  9. I want one but i can never find it in the shop when ive gone to the shops site

  10. I tired twice myself. So disappointed . Shopdisney needs to get your butt into gear. This how you lose business and loyal customers. It’s a shame. I’m a huge nightmare before Christmas fan. And the way your doing this not letting us the fans get a tumbler is kinda disrespectful. If it’s supposed to be limited edition say it is. I mean come on.

  11. I think they should restock the cups with enough that they don’t sell out so quickly there are tons of fans that really want one like myself and it seems virtually impossible to have enough time to hit the buy button before it says sold out it’s ridiculous. Maybe even put a limited supply in the Disney stores to give others a chance to buy one.

    1. Patty Street Avatar
      Patty Street

      I am so saddened. I am a loyal Disney customer/lover. I waited over a month for the day to arrive so I could order mine. Only to get it in my basket and pulled out because I couldn’t type the number In fast enough. Same thing happened the second time I tried as well. Why do you only make so few cups? You’re losing loyal customers.

      1. Keep checking! It appears more were released this morning and then sold out again! Wishing you all the best! Also, make sure to reach out to the comments on We just cover the news and are not connected with Disney in any official capacity. Wishing you all the best!

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