CHOC Walk Pickle Milkshake Challenge!

On this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER, the topic of the pickle milkshake was brought up in regards to it being one of the offerings from Muppet Labs at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival this year. This led to a conversation about creating pickle milkshakes with the homemade pickles that Mr. Daps and Caitie Bear made for a recent episode. When this thoroughly disgusted Caitie, the question was asked: What if pickle milkshakes were made and consumed to raise money for this year’s CHOC Walk in the Park? Caitie reluctantly agreed to this and if enough money is raised, both Mr. Daps and Caitie Bear (neither of which are known for their love of pickle milkshakes) will be making and consuming pickle milkshakes utilizing the pickles they previously made.

CHOC Walk Pickle Milkshake Challenge Terms

To make this happen, both Mr. Daps and Caitie need to each raise an additional $250 for the CHOC Walk. This can be done by finding either of them on the Daps Magic CHOC Walk page at or going to each of their pages individually:

The $250 in donations must be made by midnight on July 17, 2023. Then on the next live GEEKS CORNER, Mr. Daps and Caitie Bear will show the process of making these shakes and then drinking them. Watch the moment that this idea was come up with below.

Even if you can’t donate the full sum or any of it, please share this video and challenge to help the GEEKS reach this goal and force them to make and eat their pickle milkshakes! Thank you for your support of CHOC Walk as we raise money to help the children who so desperately need the care offered at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County!


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