Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Responds to Disney’s Lake Nona Move Cancelation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to the decision by Disney to not continue forward with the Lake Nona move. The move, announced earlier today by Josh D’Amaro who is the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, came as Florida continues to feud with Disney about the former Reedy Creek Improvement District among other things.

The Governor released a statement on the cancelation of the Lake Nona move saying, “Disney announced the possibility of a Lake Nona campus nearly two years ago. Nothing ever came of the project, and the state was unsure whether it would come to fruition. Given the company’s financial straits, falling market cap, and declining stock price, it is unsurprising that they would restructure their business operations and cancel unsuccessful ventures.”

The statement makes no overt references to the ongoing feud that is continuing between DeSantis and Disney. It does take a swipe at the company though and indicates that the decisions were made due to the company’s health and not because of the feud with Disney.

In recent months, DeSantis has replaced the Reedy Creek Improvement District with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, signed legislation into law that allows the new district to cancel a development agreement Disney and Reedy Creek made, signed another law to allow Florida oversight on Walt Disney World Resort’s monorail system, and has also engaged in a war of words that have included threats of retaliation against Disney. The feud began when Disney came out against a “Don’t Say Gay” bill in 2022. Since then, DeSantis has been leading a charge against what he called “woke Disney” and what he calls its self-governance in the state.

Disney Vs. DeSantis News:

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