Rainy Day Cavalcade Returns on a Rainy Week at Disneyland

There has been a lot of rain coming down this week at the Happiest Place on Earth! Because of this, the recently reopened Magic Happens has been replaced by the Rainy Day Cavalcade at Disneyland. As the rain couldn’t seem to make up its mind for when it was going to come down this week, the Rainy Day Cavalcade was offered multiple times and in multiple conditions.


Wednesday was the last day this week (so far) that the Rainy Day Cavalcade was offered at Disneyland. The weather kept switching throughout the day. It would rain, it would rain sunshine, it would stop, it would be cloudy, it would rain again. Shortly before 3:30 PM when the first Magic Happens would normally take place, it was lightly raining at Disneyland. By 3:30, it had stopped. However, the Rainy Day Cavalcade was still offered. With a cheery new song for the cavalcade, this cavalcade that included two cars and the Omnibus made its way from it’s a small world down to Main Street, USA. Throughout the presentation of this cavalcade it did not rain. Moments after it ended, the rain returned and guests scattered for cover or quickly open umbrellas.

The Rainy Day Cavalcade has been seen more than it normally would at Disneyland this year. Magic Happens was originally supposed to return to Disneyland on February 24, 2023. However, the weather had other plans and the return was delayed until February 26, 2023. The Daps Magic team was at Disneyland throughout the weekend to cover the return of this happy parade.

The weather report for the coming days shows sunshine for the Disneyland Resort. However, this does change next Wednesday which currently has a 60% chance of rain. This could end up being the next time that the Rainy Day Cavalcade is offered for guests at Disneyland.

What do you think about the Rainy Day Cavalcade? Have you seen it live? Do you enjoy seeing it? What do you think of the song? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!