Disney Parks Instagram Clu Appears to Reveal TRON Lightcycle / Run Opening Date at Magic Kingdom

The Disney Parks Instagram posted a clue today that appears to reveal the opening date for TRON Lightcycle / Run. The clue seems to show the date of the original attraction’s opening at Shanghai Disney Resort and then the Magic Kingdom date seems to be revealed. Check out the Instagram post here and then continue on to read for the opening date if you don’t want it spoiled.

By the Daps Magic’s team’s reconning, the opening date is determined in the following way. SD stands for Shanghai Disneyland which opened on June 16, 2016. Using this logic, US stands for the United States where the only new iteration of the ride is at Walt Disney World Resort. The date that is correlating with the US is March 21, 2023 could be a possible opening date. An argument could also be made because of the 1 for it to be April 21, 2023, from #2. In this case, the CM preview would be April 4-8, 2023 from #10.

Here is another interpretation of all of the codes:

1 – Highest Official TRON score ever achieved
2 – US Tron Lightcycle Run Opening (1+3)4/21/23
3 – Tron Legacy 12/17/2010
4 – Jeff Bridges Birthday 12/04/1949
5 – MK opening 10/01/1971
6- DL opening 07/17/1955
7 – Tron release date 07/09/1982
8 – ?
9 – Shanghai opening 06/16/2016
10 – CAST Tron Lightcycle Run Opening 04/(4+8)12/21/23

What do you think 8 is?

At this point, it appears that the opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run could be on April 21, 2023. At this point, Disney has not officially announced an opening date for the attraction.

What do you think? Is the Daps Magic Team’s logic sound? Do you think this is the opening date for TRON Lightcyle / Run? If not, when do you think it is? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! This story is still in development and Daps Magic will update with more theories or an announced date as they become available.


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