Walt Disney Imagineering Shows Off Refreshed Cinderella Carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland

Walt Disney Imagineering has revealed the refreshed Cinderella Carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland. The carousel has been worked on by Imagineering with the final product looking better than ever. The carousel has been repainted to be more beautiful than ever and two new lead horses were also added. Disney shared that the inspiration for this was Disney Princes, Princesses, and Queens! The rejuvenated carousel was shown off on the Walt Disney Imagineering Instagram. Here is what was posted:

Cinderella Carousel is back in vibrant and refreshed colors at @HKDisneyland, and two new lead horses have been added in. The Imagineers’ inspiration for the horse’s color palettes came from the stories of Disney Princes, Princesses and Queens, and presented an opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of color. This enchanting carousel is ready to welcome the next generation of riders! 

“It’s amazing to see the hard work from so many teams now being appreciated by our guests! One of our key focuses is to tell our story in new and relevant ways.” said Imagineer Den Den Tse, Park Producer.

What do you think of the rejuvenated Cinderella Carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland? Have you visited this park yet? Share your thoughts and opinions in this project in the comments below!


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