Jingle Cruise Returns to Magic Kingdom for Holiday Season at Walt Disney World Resort

The World Famous Jungle Cruise just got a bit merrier. As has been a recent trend at Magic Kingdom, the Jungle Cruise got a holiday overlay and became the Jingle Cruise. This gives a unique experience for guests going on this cruise in Adventureland as the normal jokes get a bit merrier. The official description of the attraction’s overlay is as follows:

During the holiday season, the beloved Jungle Cruise experience is transformed into the Jingle Cruise—a festive-yet-familiar adventure from stem to stern!

Join the homesick Jungle Cruise skippers as they set out on a holly, jolly journey packed with silly shenanigans. The boathouse and beyond are decked out with merry décor that’s been mailed to the skippers or that they’ve created themselves. They’re even unwrapping a few holiday jokes to help everyone get in the spirit.

On Friday, Murray stopped by Adventureland to go on a very merry cruise through the jungle for the opening weekend of Jingle Cruise. Below is a look at his experience!

The Jingle Cruise originally arrived at both the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland at Disneyland Resort in 2013. The basic premise is that the Skippers were homesick during the holidays. As the years went by, the storyline got more and more elaborate. By 2017, it was only the Magic Kingdom that would continue on the tradition of the Jingle Cruise and the Disneyland version no longer received a holiday overlay.

What do you think of the Jingle Cruise? Have you experienced it at Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Share your thoughts and opinions in this overlay for this beloved attraction!


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