Disney Cultural Representatives Return to EPCOT’s World Showcase

One of the most magical parts of EPCOT’s World Showcase is back. The Disney Cultural Representative program has begun to bring back cast members from around the globe to World Showcase’s 11 pavilions. These new cast members represent these 11 countries and bring to life the culture of each pavilion. This brings to life the culture in a way that only could be done by someone who is from the country they represent. The return of the program and its participants comes after a long hiatus due to the impact of the pandemic.

Recently, Walt Disney World Ambassador Ali Manion met up with some of the new representatives and hear about their journeys to World Showcase. Check out her post on Instagram here:

The representatives started their arrival into the program at Flamingo Crossings Village, a new, state-of-the-art housing complex for Disney Programs participants. They then made their way to on-the-job training at EPCOT. Through all of this, they have been learning their new roles and having a blast doing it. For some, this is their first time being a part of the program. Others are returning for another experience as Cultural Representatives.

“I’m most excited to relive the experience again,” said Marco Cerri, a returning participant from Milan. “I loved sharing my knowledge about my culture and the beauty of my country with guests and learning how to inspire others.”

Along with meeting people and sharing cultures with those visiting. The participants also meet others who are going through the same process and experience as they are. This often leads to life-long friendships.

“It’s so wonderful to be back and reconnect with all the people I used to work with and I’m so excited to meet all the new people on my journey,” said Melanie Bernert, a returning Cultural Representative from Schongau, a small town in Germany. 

For more information about the Disney International Program or to even apply, visit disneyprograms.com.

What do you think of this program? Are you excited about its return to EPCOT? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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