Knott’s Berry Farm’s New Prop Shop Pizzeria

Knott’s Berry Farm has opened a new quick service Italian eatery, Prop Shop Pizzeria, over at the Memory Lane area of the park. Inside is a cafeteria style restaurant where you can grab several items. The main entrees are the pasta bowls and pizza slices, but there are also several different salads and Stromboli. Down towards the end of the line are some featured side items like Mozzarella sticks and desserts.

The new eatery has a nice, dark brick wall decor which fits the pizzeria idea. It’s fresh and polished and gives a nostalgic, yet modern look. Right beside it are several tables shaded under the wings of the Walter Knott Theater. The seating area had been there previously, but was not as shaded as it had been. Also outside is a window to just purchase alcoholic drinks.

To try the food, I got a pasta bowl with spaghetti, Alfredo sauce and grilled veggies. In addition I purchased a Boysenberry BBQ chicken pizza slice and cinnabun cheesecake. The pasta bowl was surprisingly delicious with a creamy, rich sauce. The pizza slice had a nice kick to it with the sauce, which complimented well with the chicken. The real surprise is one of my new favorite desserts, the cheesecake. It was not too rich in the sweetness, and had a good cinnamon flavor. The best part was the bottom “crust” which was really a very fluffy cinnamon roll!

Overall, Prop Shop Pizzeria is a wonderful addition to already great food at the park. It’s a great place to get some good choices of food. And the newer seating area is a welcome addition on those hot summer days. It’s definitely worth checking out the next time you’re at the park!

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