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‘The Muppets Mayhem’ Series Begins Shooting for Disney+

The Muppets Mayhem, a new series being developed around The Muppets for Disney+, began shooting today. This show will have the iconic Muppets band making its first-ever album. This of course won’t be easy as they attempt to navigate the world of music, with the help of a junior A&R executive named Nora (played by Lilly Singh).

The news that shooting for the series began came from Matt Vogel, who brings Sgt. Floyd Pepper to life in the series. He posted on Instagram, wearing an Electric Mayhem shirt. In the post, Vogel said, “Today, we begin shooting “The Muppets Mayhem” for Disney+ and I am so grateful to be carrying Sgt. Floyd Pepper into this series. I am wearing a shirt that belonged to my friend and mentor, Jerry Nelson — the original Floyd Pepper. So excited for you to see what we’re doing. It’s hip, it’s groovy, it’s funny — and it’s got a lot of heart. Day One and onward!

The Muppets Mayhem stars The Muppets including Dr. Teeth on vocals and keyboards, Animal on drums, Floyd Pepper on vocals and bass, Janice on vocals and lead guitar, Zoot on saxophone, and Lips on trumpet. A release date has not been announced for the show at this point.

“We are so excited to bring the story of The Electric Mayhem Band to the front and center of this new series. They’ve been entertaining audiences since ‘The Muppet Show,’ which debuted 45 years ago, so it’s wonderful that these characters are finally getting to play lead rather than supporting roles,” said David Lightbody, executive producer and senior vice president of Disney Live Entertainment and The Muppets Studio.

Are you excited about The Muppets Mayhem being developed for Disney+? Which member of the Electric Mayhem is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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