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Disney Princesses Meeting Guests Again at Royal Hall at Disneyland

Things continue to return to normalcy at the Disneyland Resort. In the last week alone, traditional Disney character interactions returned, as did nighttime spectaculars. In the last few days, Disney princesses returned to the Royal Hall to meet guests once again. On Sunday, the DAPS MAGIC team stopped by to check out the return of the princesses to the Royal Hall. Ariel and Jasmine were on hand to greet guests. Mulan could also be found outside wandering around, as well as other Disney royalty.

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Since the park’s reopening nearly a year ago, the Disney princesses have been meeting guests outside at Fantasy Faire. Some met socially distanced in the Royal Theatre and others could be found in a couple of outdoor locations.

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The return of traditional Disney character interactions was met with a lot of smiles and enthusiasm when they returned last Monday. When initially announced, Disney said that Monday would be the beginning of traditional character meet and greets returning. While Disney princesses were meeting with guests in a traditional manner last week, they weren’t in their traditional location. This is one more step towards the classic meet and greets that guests know and love.

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Fantasy Faire in 2013. Previously, this was the home of Carnation Plaza Gardens. When it opened, the Royal Theatre hosted two performances daily. One of these was the story of Beauty and the Beast and the other Tangled. Frozen would also be told by the storytellers at Royal Theatre in 2015-2016.

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