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Disney’s Encanto Takes the Lead at the Weekend Box Office

Disney’s Encanto is projected to win the Thanksgiving weekend box office. While not record-breaking, it won the weekend with a projected $43.3 million over the course of 5 days. The new Disney animated feature brought in $11 million on Black Friday.

While not the juggernaut as some of the other Thanksgiving releases from Disney in recent years, it should continue to continue to do well in the coming weeks without any other animated movies being released to compete. Other Disney movies released on Thanksgiving weekend before the pandemic brought in significantly more at the box office. This included Disney’s Frozen II ($130 million), Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet ($84 million) and Pixar’s Coco ($72 million).

Ghostbusters: Afterlife came in second at the box office with an estimated $35 and $38 million over the course of the 5 day weekend. This is the second week for the film that won at the box office with $44 million during its first weekend. It is expected to pass $88.5 million by Sunday night as it steams on to surpassing the $100 million mark.

Encanto is about a Columbian family that lives in the mountains. Each member of the family has a magical gift, except Mirabel. When Mirabel discovers that her town could lose all magic, it’s up to her to try to save the magic and her family. Encanto is the 60th animated film to be released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It features songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.


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