Disneyland's 66th Anniversary - Featured Image

A Pictorial Look at Disneyland’s 66th Anniversary

On Saturday July 17, 2021 Disneyland celebrated its 66th anniversary. It was a beautiful day to celebrate 66 years of magic at the Happiest Place on Earth. While the celebrations for the day were a little bit more low key than previous years, it was a welcome return for guests who weren’t even able to celebrate inside the parks last year.

The day was a completely magical day and gave a chance to experience the magic and also catch up with old friends that were also in the park. Many of these friends hadn’t been seen since before the parks closed in March 2020. Several of the DAPS MAGIC team were also in the parks and were able to connect.

Disneyland Opening and Jungle Cruise

The park opened at 8:00 and by the time the rope was dropped there were many people eagerly awaiting the opening announcement. Once the announcement was heard, guests began to stream their way into the park. Many headed towards the bigger attractions like Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. After taking a few pictures, the DAPS MAGIC team made their way to The World Famous Jungle Cruise to experience this recently refurbished attraction.

A Morning at Disneyland

After enjoying a ride on the Jungle Cruise, it was time to see some of the fun things that were happening for Disneyland’s 66th Anniversary. On Main Street, USA, Mickey and friends were dressed for the occasion and having fun on the steps in front of Main Street Station. Other characters throughout the park were also having a blast on this special day interacting with each other and with guests.

First Cavalcade for Disneyland’s 66th Anniversary

There were two cavalcades to celebrate the occasion. They consisted of Mickey Mouse in the firetruck, the Disneyland Band, and the omnibus with characters in and around it. The Disneyland Band played music as it marched down the parade route. There were four locations that the entire cavalcade stopped: it’s a small world, the Hub, Main Street, USA, and Main Street Station in Town Square. At each stop, Happy Birthday, Disneyland was sung and played.

Between Cavalcades

After the first cavalcade, our boarding group was called for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The group made their way over to experience this incredible attraction. It was an incredible experience, just as it always is. We then made our way to Town Square where we saw more characters that were celebrating the occasion.

Second Cavalcade for Disneyland’s 66th Anniversary

The second cavalcade took place at around 1:45 and began at Town Square and then made its way up to its a small world. It was the same cavalcade as the first. It was charming and fun and full of magic. As the music could be heard, people were drawn to the parade route to watch the cavalcade.

A Stop at Disney California Adventure

After the second cavalcade, we stopped by Disney California Adventure. The main reason to do this was to check out the new Coco scene in Mickey’s PhilharMagic. We also stopped by Avengers Campus and saw Spider-Man soar through the skies above the campus.

A Beautiful Evening Back at Disneyland on its 66th Anniversary

After enjoying a brief break at Disney California Adventure, it was time for an early evening stop at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The drinks and the service were incredible and was easily a highlight of the day. It was probably the best dining experience that the team has had at the Disneyland Resort since it officially reopened. The music also seemed quieter which made it easier to talk.

Following the break on Batuu, we made our way to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Unfortunately, the attraction went down. Instead, we made our way to the Blue Bayou where we had dinner reservations. Once we were taken inside, we were given a table that was one row away from the water. The atmosphere was beautiful, the food, drinks, and desserts were delicious. Overall, it was a great experience. The only downsides were the kale that was served as a side for apparently ever main course seemed to be under-seasoned for everyone. The music that was played also didn’t seem to fit with the vibe of the establishment either. It was good music but it was loud and too upbeat for the atmosphere and the meal being offered.

Dinner ended just as the sunset was showing off how magical it could be. It was perfect walking outside and seeing the color in the skies.

Mickey’s Mix Magic at it’s a small world

No Disneyland anniversary would be complete without watching fireworks. This year, we thought it’d be fun to watch Mickey’s Mix Magic over by it’s a small world. We arrived about 45 minutes before the show began and were able to easily pick a spot. In the 45 minutes that followed, the entire area did fill up, however. At 9:30, the fireworks began and magic exploded in the skies. It was a beautiful and exhilarating way to end the evening.

Saying Goodnight and Goodbye to Disneyland on its 66th Anniversary

Fireworks over, it was time to make our way towards the front of the park and say goodnight to Disneyland. After making a few stops to take some pictures, we found ourselves in Town Squares waving goodnight to Mickey Mouse and the gang as the announcement that Disneyland had ended its normal operating hours played. It was a perfect ending to a practically perfect in every way day. The park now closed, we wandered out to our cars and back home.

Disneyland’s 66th anniversary may not have been as grandiose as other years but it was still magical. It is always special to spend July 17th at the place and day where Walt Disney said “to all who come to this happy place, welcome.” While this year’s celebration may have already past, there are a many more magical memories to be made on future anniversaries of Disneyland’s opening day.