Disney Cruise Line Postpones First Test Cruise

The Disney Cruise Line has postponed its first test cruise after participants had inconsistent COVID-19 tests. The Disney Dream had been scheduled to depart on Tuesday June 29, 2021 with 300 employees who had volunteered to participate in the cruise.

Now, because of the inconsistent test results, the test cruise has been postponed until July. This had to be done because inconsistent test results are considered the same a positive by the CDC. Prior to the results, the CDC had approved Disney Cruise Line to conduct a two night test cruise.

Currently, the Federal government is allowing test cruises to take place. The caveat is that nearly all of the guests (95% or more) and crew members must be fully vaccinated. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill banning businesses from requiring a proof of vaccination. This has created a situation where cruise lines now have to prove the safety and effectiveness of their COVID-19 protocols on cruises.

The specific date for Disney Cruise Line’s test cruise now is unknown. DAPS MAGIC will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available. What do you think about this cruise being delayed? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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