Thanks for Sharing the Magic With DAPS MAGIC for 17 Years!

17 years ago today DAPS MAGIC was created. It was created with the hope that people could come together to share the magic together in a positive and safe environment. Through the years, things have expanded and grown. However, we have stayed true to the core values that a small group of Disney fans came up with together almost two decades ago. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined just how much magic we would get to share over the last 17 years.

Through the course of 17 years, we have learned about how to run a website and publishing, discovered new technologies, witnessed historical Disney events, attended incredible conventions, traveled to Disney parks around the world, interviewed amazing people, and most importantly made friendships that will last a lifetime. That really is the magic of DAPS, the friendships. We have made friendships around the globe through the years and have gotten to make so many beautiful memories with them. That’s what we like to call the “DAPS experience.” It’s the creation of those shared special memories both in the parks and beyond!

As we look forward to new exciting things for DAPS MAGIC. It’s important to remember the foundation that has been built over the last 17 years. First off, the mission statement. The mission statement defines what DAPS MAGIC is and what it does. This has basically remained unchanged other than tweaking a word or two over the last 17 years.


To be a family friendly website offering positive Disney and geek information, news, and activities by celebrating a mutual love of Disney and geekdom.

DAPS MAGIC also has core values that define the actions that are taken and how the site is run. These core values have basically remained unchanged through the last 17 years as well and are referenced frequently as decisions are made about what comes next. What they basically come down to is that we strive to be positive, have fun, be respectful, and maintain high standards of quality with our coverage, events, and whatever we do. We believe that we can always be continuing to improve. We recognize that sometimes we have a ways to go but that is part of the adventure!

The future is exciting for DAPS MAGIC! We have lots of ideas for future videos, endeavors, and maybe even someday even traveling together! We hope that with all of these things that you will continue to share the magic with us and that together we will have a lot of fun! Thanks for being a part of 17 years of DAPS MAGIC! Here’s looking forward to many more!

What is your favorite DAPS MAGIC memory through the years? Share with us in the comments below!