16 Years of Magic – Looking Back at DAPS MAGIC Over the Years

This month DAPS MAGIC is celebrating 16 years of sharing the magic. 16 years ago this month we started a small Yahoo! group that grew to become a website that has readers from around the globe. Through the years, DAPS MAGIC has led to incredible experiences, amazing people, and so many wonderful memories. Through all of this time, we have adhered to a set of core values. These really come out of our love of Disney and our goal to be a group of Disney fans that Walt would be proud of.

This year to commemorate this time we thought we would take a few minutes to look to the past and share some of our favorite memories. We are going to do this in a few ways. Tonight at approximately 9:00 PM PT some of the DAPS MAGIC team will be on a DAPS MAGIC Live as they share the origin story of this site and also some of their favorite memories and moments. We also thought it would be fun to share a photo album with some of our favorite moments as well. You can find this below. And finally, we are also going to showcase an updated version of our original logo across our platforms.

DAPS MAGIC has always been a place where people can celebrate their love of Disney and geekdom together in a positive way. We will continue to be doing this as we move into the next 16 years and beyond. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey that we take together. It is a lot of fun and we hope you also find value in it! You can join us here on dapsmagic.com but also on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

DAPS MAGIC Live Looking Back at 16 Years of Magic