Expect COVID Precautions to Continue Through the Rest of the Year at Disney Parks

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Guests visiting Disney Theme Parks should expect to be wearing face masks, socially distancing, and continuing with other safety measures when they visit through the end of the year. Bob Chapek commented on the matter during an earnings call this week.

“We have no doubt that when we reopen up in parks that were closed, or increase the capacity, that we’ll have some level of social distancing and mask wearing for the remainder of this year,” said Chapek on the call.

While this may seem like nothing is changing regarding the pandemic and Disney Parks, Chapek did say he anticipates things to be modified and changed as conditions allow.

“I believe that Dr. Fauci said earlier today that he hopes that there’s vaccines for everyone who wants them by April this year. If that happens, that is a game changer, and that could accelerate our expectations and give people the confidence that they need to come back to the parks,” said Chapek. “Will there be some overlap until we know that we’ve hit herd immunity? Sure there will. But do we also believe that we’ll be in the same state of six-foot social distancing and mask wearing in ’22? Absolutely not.”

Everything will be dependent on the science and safety moving forward. With safety in mind, Disney continues to update its attractions with plexiglass barriers to be able to accommodate more guests. Disney also continues to observe health and safety protocols that include physical distancing, face coverings, cleaning protocols, and more. While this is no guarantee that mask wearing and social distancing will disappear in 2022, it does seem to indicate that Disney and Chapek believe things are heading in the right direction.

What do you think about continuing to wear face masks at Disney Parks throughout 2022? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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