Cinderella Castle - Walt Disney World Resort - Featured Image

Guests Likely Required to Wear Masks When U.S. Disney Parks Reopen

Shanghai Disney Resort has reopened with social distancing guidelines, and the requirement of Cast Members and guests wearing masks when working and/or visiting the Park.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek appeared on CNBC this morning with Julia Boorstin to talk about what Disneyland and Walt Disney World would do in terms of reopening.

Boorstin asked Chapek what is going to be the hardest part to reopen the Parks, especially here in the U.S. which are such a meaningful piece of revenue for The Walt Disney Company.

Chapek said, ‘along with social distancing, one of the things we’re likely going to require is masks for both the Cast and the guests. I think that the masks for the guests is something that is culturally different.’

He continued saying that in Asia it is ‘fairly commonplace even before COVID for folks to walk around in public with masks on. That will be something that will be a little trying for some of the guests, particularly in the hot, humid summers that we tend to have.’

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