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California Theme Parks Push Governor for Ability to Reopen

California theme parks are again pushing California Governor Gavin Newsom to allow them to reopen. The campaign has returned with the hashtag #ReadytoRideSafely. Knott’s Berry Farm tweeted about the campaign again today. This comes as California Attractions and Parks Association continues to support of AB 420 in the California Assembly. AB 420 would place all theme parks in the Orange – Moderate – Tier 3 of the state’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks.  Governor Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy currently restricts theme parks from reopening until the county they are located in reaches the Yellow – Minimal – Tier 4.

The California Attractions and Parks Association is pushing for the reopening of theme parks arguing that theme parks around the world have shown that they can responsibly reopen. Erin Guerrero, Executive Director, California Attractions and Parks Association also argued that, “Nearly a year after parks closed in response to the pandemic, tens of thousands of employees remain out of work, while local businesses, communities surrounding theme parks, and local governments face ongoing negative consequences.”

At the time of this writing, Knott’s Berry Farm is the only California Theme Park to be actively promoting this campaign. This comes ahead of its next food festival, the Knott’s Taste of Boysenberry Festival next month. The Disneyland Resort will also be holding a food experience in Disney California Adventure starting in March. However, both parks, along with Universal Studios Hollywood, continue to remain closed. The closures are now nearing a year in length at this point.

More information about California Attractions and Parks Association’s efforts to get theme parks reopened can be found on their website dedicated to the task,

What do you think about this reopening initiative? Is California ready? Are theme parks ready? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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