The Completely Original and Unofficial WandaVision Bingo Game!

Fans of WandaVision have been so eager to determine exactly what will happen next (as well as… what just happened?) that any number of plausible scenarios have been presented. Some are very far-fetched (Vision’s actually a Skrull!) to the almost certain (an Avenger appears!). In the spirit of speculation, we humbly present an interactive diversion for the last three episodes: WandaVision Bingo.

Spoiler alert: those who have not seen episodes one through six may not want to look at all these entries. We’ll wait for you to catch up. For those who do not want to engage in any speculation, stop reading and get your fingers back covering your eyes and ears.

How to play:

Download and print out the playing cards. There are two, in case you are sheltering in place with another rabid fan. For larger groups, choose up teams. As the episode unfolds (either the first or second viewing, depending on how… intently… you watch), simply fill in the square when an event matches one on your card. You may use a sharpened number 2 pencil, or marker of your choice.

Monica Rambeau decides to bring in an aerospace engineer to help decipher what is going on. As the engineer is introduced (and everyone either gasps or knowingly nods their head), fill in the space marked “Monica’s Aerospace Engineer Revealed.”

How to win:
Five in a row in any direction is the traditional Bingo. You may also choose picture frame (large or small), X (no, that is not a spoiler), or checkerboard. Or go for broke and play blackout!

Oh, and inasmuch as Wanda is an Avenger, feel free to fill in the “free space” at the center. Or wait for another to appear… 

WandaVision Bingo Sheet 1 Download

WandaVision Bingo Sheet 2 Download


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