Full Reporting and Reacting to Disney Investor Day 2020 – DAPS MAGIC Live!

Disney Investor Day was on December 10, 2020. Over the course of the day, The Walt Disney Company gave a look at where it is at and where it is going. The major focus for this was on Direct-to-Consumer or DTC. Throughout out the course of the four plus hour presentation, Disney executives gave a look at how Disney is connect directly with consumers. Most of this is with Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+ hotstar, Star, and Star+. The big word of the day was “flexibility” as the company looks to adapt quickly to a world that is changing rapidly. The other thing to note was how simple Disney is striving to make things as it restructures.

Mr. DAPs and Murray sat down to take an extensive look at the news of the day. They go through it, analyze, and review the news of the day on this DAPS MAGIC Live! We hope you find this both enjoyable and informative. We also hope you’ll react to what you see in this video in the comments below! Throughout the course of this video they talk about the new approach to DTC, Marvel news, Star Wars news, Indiana Jones news, Walt Disney Animation Studios news, Pixar news, and so much more!

Disney Investor Day 2020 Recap & Review – DAPS MAGIC Live!

What did you think the top stories of Disney Investor Day 2020 were? What are you most excited about that was announced? Do you agree with what Mr. DAPs and Murray had to say about the event? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Disney Investor Day 2020 Coverage on DAPS MAGIC: