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Disneyland Resort Updates Health and Safety Procedures With Orange County Health Care Agency Recommendations

The Disneyland Resort has updated health and safety procedures with recommendations by the Orange County Health Care Agency this week. The Disneyland Resort added these new procedures as it continues to get ready for the return of guests. When guests will be returning is currently unknown after California Governor Gavin Newsom said last week that he is in “no hurry” to provide guidelines for reopening theme parks in the state.

These suggestions came from the Orange County Health Care Agency, along with Anaheim city officials, after a recent tour of the Disneyland Resort. This was to see what health and safety protocols Disney has put in place at the resort because of COVID-19. Mike Lyster, who was on the tour and is the city of Anaheim spokesperson shared that the protocols include physical distancing measures and plastic shields on attractions.

“On the rides, you’ll see much more plastic shielding in place, wherever folks might come into contact with each other in fairly close proximity,” Lyster told KTLA on Friday. “There are floor markings everywhere that will keep my party away from another party, basically keeping that 6 feet of distance between them.”

Lyster shared that there will also be a “significant amount of open space” between parties as they are being loaded onto attractions.

Disney implemented other measures that included adding more hand sanitizing stations, posting more markings on the ground to avoid cross traffic, and also adding Spanish language signs with information on health and safety protocols.

Guests entering the Disneyland Resort will also be required to undergo a temperature check and wear face coverings. These protocols are similar to what is being down at the already open Walt Disney World Resort.

The updates to the health and safety protocols at the Disneyland Resort comes as the process of reopening appears to be at a standstill. While Governor Newsom for weeks said that guidelines for reopening theme parks were coming. After a preview with California theme parks brought up objections to some of the guidelines, the process was completely stopped by the Governor who said he was instead going to take a “health first” approach. He also noted some disagreements with Disney Chairman Bob Iger about reopening guidelines. Disney’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel responded swiftly rejecting that reopening Disneyland is incompatible with a “health first” approach. Around this time, Disney Iger also resigned from the economic recovery task force that he was a part of. What is next at this point is unknown.

The Walt Disney Company has successfully reopened theme parks globally. Currently, the Disneyland Resort parks are the only ones that still remain closed. At this time there have been no known outbreaks connected with the reopening of Disney theme parks.

What do you think about Disney continuing to update its health and safety guidelines in the parks after the tour by health officials? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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