Earth to CityWalk – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1046 (#517)

Welcome to another episode of GEEKS CORNER! This week is a warm one and the geeks brave the heat in the only way they know how by geeking out about things they love. The show begins with a trip report and observations about a trip to Universal CityWalk. This was Mr. DAPs’ first time there.

The show then pivots to Disney+ where Earth To Ned will be arriving on September 4th. The geeks talk about what they expect from this show and what they hope it will be like.

Over at Shanghai Disneyland, capacity is continuing to expand as part of its phased reopening. On August 24th it will go up to 50% capacity. The geeks chat about this as well.

Finally, the geeks return to Disney+ and the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. They talk about the original holiday special and also hopes for this one. They also plan a future DAPS Watch 2020 viewing for both the original and the new version that will be arriving on Disney+ on November 17th.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER! Let’s go to the corner!


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