Disney Offers ‘Imagineering in a Box’ in Three New Languages

Imagineering in a Box

Disney is now offering its Imagineering in a Box in three new languages. It is now being offered in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Chinese will be coming later this year.

With Imagineering in a Box, Disney Imagineers from hundreds of different career disciplines share their knowledge and skills for how immersive experiences are created. This includes story development, conceptual design, math, physics, engineering, and so much more. The goal of Imagineering in a Box if “to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity and encourage innovation in the minds of students, teachers and parents alike.”

This is a free virtual learning experience that was created in partnership with Khan Academy and also Pixar. There are currently 32 videos that are part of three interactive lessons. There is also an educator’s guide. Every activity is meant to be scalable which allows for different people to learn on their own or to be offered in an online classroom type setting.

This is a program that will give lessons in theme park design and engineering and give behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Imagineering’s developmental process. Participants can also have the opportunity to design their own theme park experience!

Here are links to the Imagineering in a Box experience experiences in all the languages that are currently offered:

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