The Crabsuit - Avatar 2 - Featured Image

Avatar Concept Art Reveals New Underwater Vehicle

Some new concept art has been revealed for James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar sequels. Producer Jon Landau shared a tweet with new underwater vehicles that will be seen in the sequels. This makes sense as it has been known for quite some time that underwater will be explored in future Avatar movies.

The Crabsuit

The underwater vehicle shown by Landau is called the Crabsuit. Looking at it, there is no surprise as to where it got its name. When standing on land it has a very crab-like look, including pinchers. It is just one of many vehicles that the Research Development Agency will be utilizing in future movies. It would not be surprising to see more in the future ahead of the arrival of Avatar 2 in its new release slot of December 2022.  Avatar 3 will arrive in theaters In December 2024. Avatar 4 will arrive in December 2026. Avatar 5 will finally arrive in December 2028.

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