Original Documentary Howard to Debut on Disney+ on August 7

For many fans of Disney animation, there has been a documentary that has been highly anticipated. Directed by Don Hahn, Howard is the story of Howard Ashman. Ashman was the incredible lyricist behind movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. He also created the musical The Little Shop of Horrors.

While many people know the music he helped create, not as many people know the story of the man who helped bring the magic to life. He was a man of passion and heart that shared it with the world through his lyrics. In Howard, viewers will get a look at how he created music and an in-depth look at this life. This will start from childhood in Baltimore to his time in New York and eventually his tragic death from AIDS. This is a documentary that explores the journey of the man who was the lyricist behind some of Disney’s most beloved songs.

“You may not know his name, but you sure know Howard Ashman’s music,” said Director, Writer and Producer Don Hahn. “He’s one of the greatest storytellers of the twentieth century who helped to revitalize the American musical and re-energize Disney Animation. He left us a songbook that still lives on in us today, yet his personal story has never been fully told until now.” 

The film includes interviews with Ashman’s longtime musical collaborator Alan Menken, who also scored the film, Bill Lauch (Ashman’s Partner), Jodi Benson (“The Little Mermaid”), Paige O’Hara (“Beauty and the Beast”), Sarah Gillespie (Ashman’s Sister), and more.

Howard is produced by Don Hahn and Lori Korngiebel at Stone Circle Pictures. It will arrive on Disney+ exclusively on Friday August 7, 2020.

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