Disney Stops Reporting Box Office Results

Black Widow

Disney has decided to stop sharing its box office results amid the growing COVID-19 outbreak that is seeing the country and globe. The news comes after several theater chains began shutting their doors this week. Currently, 96% of the theaters in the United States are closed making this decision make a lot of sense.

A Disney statement said on the matter, “Given the current large number of theater shutdowns around the globe, Disney will suspend global weekend reporting for the time being.  Wishing you and your families the best during these testing times and please be safe”

The last two weekends Disney and Pixar’s Onward was leading the box office race. However, even that didn’t do as well as expected. With Disney owning Fox as well, it can almost be assured that there will be no reports moving forward for the box office at large. This is due to the large share of movies that The Walt Disney Company produce. For the foreseeable future there won’t be a top ten for the weekly box office either domestically or globally. There simply won’t be enough movies in theaters or data to collect for these reports.

Currently, movie studios are delaying the release of big movies or in some cases, streaming them online. Disney has delayed the release of both Mulan and Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. At this time, it isn’t known when either will be arriving in theaters. The lack of movies in theaters, along with theme park and store closures, will have a severe financial impact on The Walt Disney Company. Yesterday, the news came via a SEC filing by the company.

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