Robert Zemeckis Signs On to Direct Live-Action Pinocchio Remake

Robert Zemeckis has signed with Disney to helm the upcoming live-action remake of the Pinocchio. He will also be a co-writer for the film.

Pinocchio was originally released by Disney in 1940 and tells the story of a marionette who’s creator Geppetto wishes he would become a real boy. Joined by his “conscience” Jiminy Cricket, he goes on many adventures on the way to becoming a boy. The original animated film has grossed $85 million domestically over its lifetime.

At this point, there is no release date set for the release of this new version of Pinocchio. It is expected that it will go into production towards the end of the year. Andrew Miano and Weitz are producing Pinocchio with their Depth of Field label. Jack Rapke and Jackie Levine are executive producing.

What do you think about a live-action Pinocchio coming to the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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