Peanuts Celebration 2020 at Knott’s Berry Farm Brings Great Family Fun and Snoopy

The Peanuts Celebration has hit Knott’s Berry Farm for the 2020 season!  This year has some great offerings to celebrate with Snoopy and the gang.

Peanuts Celebrate Entertainment

There are some great musical shows to keep you and your family dancing, clapping, and sometimes singing along!  Space Beagle returns to the Camp Snoopy stage.  Snoopy is asked by NASA to go to the moon, and we’re all invited to help him.  It’s a delightful musical show with some fun surprises and catchy melodies.  Happiness Is… is a brand new stage show on the Calico Stage.  Charlie Brown and the gang explain what happiness means to them, and especially the value of friendship.  There are some great songs involved, including a classic song Mr. Daps and I really enjoyed.  It’s a high energy great stop to see something great in the middle of the day.

At night, two great bands perform live with some Peanuts twists.  The Woodstock’s Music Festival takes place at the Calico Mine Stage as well but features the Jelly of the Month Club – an enthusiastic band.  Charlie Brown and the crew are their roadies and come out and dance at various songs.  The band is a wonderful kids-oriented group that will also entertain parents for some good old fashion Peanuts-type fun.  Over in the Wagon Camp, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies perform some bluegrass favorites with hilarious results.  Pig Pen joins the band for a song to celebrate the Peanuts during this time of year.  Both bands are worth sticking around at night to watch and listen!


Peanuts Celebrate Festive Activities

Throughout the day are some great events and activities, and even a surprise or two.  The Cowboy Jamboree features Linus and Franklin helping kids in various games like cactus bowling.  Kids can burn off some energetic steam with lovable Peanuts characters.  Between the games, some of these characters are available for photos.  One of the new to this year’s characters is Spike, Snoopy’s cactus loving brother.

Speaking of characters, a fun little throughout the day surprise is a cavalcade of Peanuts stars around the Boardwalk fountain.  They come out via 20’s style roadster and pose for photos around the fountain.  Lucy, Sally, and Schroeder seem to be featured here.  It was a highly fun, not listed surprise to find!

Spike’s Silent Disco is a returning favorite where dancers of all ages can choose what music to dance to in Fiesta Village.  There are three channels to choose from on headphones.  Peanuts characters join the dance time as well.  It’s a unique experience and even fun to watch.

Peanuts Sketch School is a great way to learn to draw various Peanuts characters.  A sketch artist takes you through step by step instruction in the Bird Cage Theater.

Peanuts Celebrate Food

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Knott’s festival without some food!  There are plenty of treats to savor any taste buds.  Special pizzas, like the Spicy Thai, are available for the daring of tasters.  Meanwhile, there are plenty of sweet treats to dive into.  Root Beer Trifles have an ice cream float-like flavor with a cake twist.  Savory fried pickles are a great lunchbox-like snack.  I got to taste the Sloppy Joe Burger, which has traditional Sloppy Joe mix with bacon, cheese, and onion straws.  It’s a great variation of a classic and is available at the Boardwalk BBQ.  Huge milkshakes like the Butterscotch Blondie shake are at Coasters Diner and are a big treat to partake in.

Peanuts Celebrate Rides and Camp Snoopy

At the heart of the celebration is Camp Snoopy.  Amidst the land are many decorations like word bubbles celebrating famous sayings of Charlie Brown and friends.  Snoopy’s WWI flying ace plane can be seen amidst a flower runway.  A very popular “Child to Teacher Translator” lets your voice sound like the adults of the Peanuts world.  The Grand Sierra Railway ride has been transformed into the Trip to Beagle Bonanza with even more Peanuts characters to view.  It’s an adorable trip with Snoopy and his brothers and sisters.  Woodstock’s Bird’s-Eye View is the transformed Sky Cabin with the yellow bird flying around the rotating cabin in the sky.  Pig Pen’s Pig Pen is located in the Ghost Town Barn and has some piglets that will keep you mesmerized watching their playfulness for quite a while.  Here you can also get a photo with Pig Pen himself.

Peanuts Celebration

The annual festival is a wonderful tribute to the classic Charles Schulz characters.  And it’s not just for fans of Snoopy.  This is a great time to visit if just to watch all the shows.  It was something that made me think about how wonderful the park is for families to gather and have a good time.  The park is vibrant with the decorations and the great music coming out of almost every corner.  Then there are some great rides and food to top it all off!  It is something not to miss and especially if you are a big fan of the lovable beagle.

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