More Walls Arrive as More Enhancements Come to the Disneyland Resort

This week guests visiting the Disneyland Resort will more than likely notice that there are a few more walls up. It is that time of year when the Disneyland Resort focuses on giving some tender loving care to different attractions and areas around the resort. DAPS MAGIC contributor Steven stopped by the Disneyland Resort on Tuesday to see what had changed this week. Here is a look at what he found.


Haunted Mansion

Walls have gone up around the Haunted Mansion as it begins a months long refurbishment. On Tuesday, not all of Jack Skellington’s decorations had come down. However, by Wednesday the holidays were gone and the Haunted Mansion is getting the attention it deserves.

King Arthur’s Carousel

King Arthur’s Carousel is also undergoing some refurbishment. It is now surrounded by walls. This will end up with the carousel getting polished up. The sword in the stone has also returned in front of the walls.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure

Snow White’s Scary Adventure is also getting some substantial attention. This months-long refurbishment will have the attraction returning better than ever once it reopens later this year. This week, walls went up around the attraction as crews begin the work of making it integrate more closely with the look and feel of Sleeping Beauty Castle and the rest of Fantasyland.

Disney California Adventure

Grizzly River Run

Grizzly River Run is also closed currently while work is done on it. This is a fairly common practice this time of year. The rivers for this do get drained which makes for an interesting view. The Rushin’ River merchandise location is also closed. Water is pumped over to the Pacific Wharf area so nothing goes to waste.

Boudin Bakery

The Boudin Bakery Tour is currently being refurbished as well. When it returns guests will again be able to get bread samples, see the history of sourdough bread, and also see how it is made!

Generally this time of year is a time of refurbishment for the Disneyland Resort. This year, it continues the efforts began last year with Project Stardust. This is an effort to create a better experience for the extra guests coming to the Disneyland Resort because of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. With the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, it now seems like these efforts were prudent. When the walls come down again it is always a beautiful reveal. What was covered with the walls has become beautiful and new looking!

What are you most excited about that is getting refurbished currently? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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