Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion at Disneyland to Undergo Multiple Month Refurbishment in 2020

When Jack Skellington exits the Haunted Mansion early next year, the spirits will take some extra time moving back in. This classic Disneyland attraction will undergo a refurbishment that will last a few months and will provide mainly mechanical and aesthetic updates to the old mansion in New Orleans Square.

If you want to get in one last ride, be sure to head into Disneyland on January 20 to see the Mansion in all its holiday splendor. When the calendar hits January 21, the attraction will close for a refurbishment that will last until late March or April. While we don’t officially know what is to come, it is believed that the inside and outside of the Haunted Mansion will receive new paint and trim. The mechanics of this 50-year-old attraction will also receive an update.

This marks the third attraction at Disneyland that will be going under refurbishment in 2020. Indiana Jones Adventure and Snow White’s Scary Adventures will also be receiving updates to bring these classic attractions to life in an all-new way. While the exact timeline of these refurbishments is unknown, it is believed that they will also be taking place in spring 2020. We are excited to see what all these attractions look like when they come back up from their in-depth refurbishments.

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