Merry Menagerie

Merry Menagerie of Winter Animals Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Holiday Season

This year, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is transforming in a pretty amazing way for the holidays! Whether you adventure to Africa or to the distant world of Pandora, each corner of the park will be a winter wonderland! In an exciting addition, the park is bringing a Merry Menagerie of winter animals will delight guests all season long!

The rehearsal video, posted below, gives guests a look into what creatures they will be able to encounter this winter. The animals range from fuzzy to wooden but all of them are brought to life by talented performers. This behind-the-scenes video also gives us a peek into what goes into the creation of these winter animals.

These unique puppets will give performers a chance to interact with guests in a new and exciting way. Each animal is hand-crafted and given incredible attention to detail, so we can’t wait to get an up-close look at them! Be sure to find them adventuring around Disney’s Animal Kingdom when the holidays begin at the resort on November 8!

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