Is Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse Worth Seeing?

There are almost as many Spider-Man movies and television shows as there are Batman ones.  With that much insertion into pop culture, do we really need another Spider-Man movie like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

The Essentials

Before I get to an answer, let me discuss some of the usual elements.  There are a lot of characters in this film.  I mean, it is about the Spider-Verse so there is bound to be a plethora of Spideys.  It’d be easy to have some lackluster voice acting, but each performer did an amazing job…no pun intended.  I was actually surprised to learn the voice talent behind a few of the characters.  There was hardly a way to tell for me.

Then there’s music.  It’s a hip-hop-centric soundtrack, but it fits well with the film.  The movie is mostly about Miles Morales, a teenager in the modern day, so hip-hop is going to be the tunes of choice for a kid.  I’ll admit it’s not usually my cup o’ tea and especially in movies.  I really enjoyed the songs.  I’m listening to a couple of them as I write this.  That’s surprising to me as well.  The score was equally as good.  I like movie scores to highlight action, but not become a character in itself.  It did a good job at being a great accompanying score.

Miles has big shoes to fill

Lastly for the essentials is the animation.  It is an animated movie.  Watching the previews I was afraid the more jerky animated forms would annoy me after awhile.  It did not.  It was an incredibly animated and highly visual film!  I loved the style and the form of each character.  It was a comic book come to life.  I know I’ve said that with Marvel films before, but having this style really gave it more of a motion comic book than ever before.  Yet, it could easily fit in with the other Marvel films.  But that has to do with another big element of the movie…

So, Is It Worth It?

This Spider-Man movie is the best Spider-Man movie.  Ever.  Well, until they can somehow top it, but I’m finding that hard to believe.  They played off of having known the “With great power…” schtick that has been repeated way too much in former Spidey flicks.  Instead, there is a new moral compass for not just Miles but the other Spider…People.  It was touching, and there was impressive heart to the movie for having to develop a couple of characters with very different paths.  There are a couple of big one-liners that are equally as weighty as “With great power comes great responsibility.”  But, I was impressed that they held the weight by the end.  One is about why there are so many Spider-People, and I don’t want to spoil it because they say it at the end.  It is the heart of the movie and it makes me throw my fist in the air and yell “This is why Spider-Man is my favorite super-hero!!”

This is not just the best Spider-Man film, but one of the best comic films ever.  Just superb.  I had my doubts with the reviews coming out, but it is worth the very high ratings that are being given to it.  It’s a film that is worth seeing even if you’re not a comic fan.  It’s got emotion that other comic films lack, I’m sorry to say.  It’s got fun action that will keep you excited through the whole story.  It is just great.


On a slightly sad but good note, the Stan Lee cameo is the best that has been in any of the Marvel films.  It is fitting for this movie to come out after his passing and for this being his most famous character.  It is also a very touching one, not for his recent passing but because his role fits in with one of the messages of the film.  It is heartwarming on its own and summarizes the whole film.

See this movie on the big screen and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.  Oh, and if you’re a comic book fan stay for the post-credits scene.  I almost jumped out of my seat at the two appearances that were made by some favorite versions of Spider-Man.