Get Ready For Mary Poppins Returns with these New Character Posters and an Exclusive Sneak Peek from Disney

“Mary Poppins, as I live and breathe!”

With “Mary Poppins Returns” just around the corner, we are starting to get a few more looks into what we will see in theaters on December 19! Today, we got a look into five colorful new character posters that breathe life into the film! The posters feature Emily Blunt, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, and Julie Walters, all showing a bit of their whimsical side as they step into Mary’s magical world.

Not only did we get to see a closer look at the characters we will get to know in theaters, but we also got a sneak peek into the film! This clip features more on the musical element that we will get to see in “Mary Poppins Returns”, and we can’t wait!

“Mary Poppins Returns,” tells the story of Mary Poppins coming back to take care of the Banks children when things begin to fall apart. She does what she does best and flies down from the skies to make magic happen. She shows not only the young Banks children but the now-adults she had previously cared for in “Mary Poppins”, that nothing is ever truly gone.

Be sure to check out this special family film when it hits theaters December 19!

What do you think of the new sneak peek we got today? Are you looking forward to the film?

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