Disneyland Resort Salutes Veterans and Celebrates the Heroes on Veterans’ Day

Veterans Day is a time to recognize those who have dedicated their time to serving in the military. Disneyland Resort takes great pride in honoring veterans every single day with the patriot flag retreat on Main Street, USA, but for Veterans’ Day, they are proud to celebrate one of their own Cast Members!

Andy Grenier, manager of Architecture & Facilities Engineering Facility Sustaining Support, has worked at the resort for 13 years and has served our country in the United States Coast Guard – first in active duty, now in the reserve – for nearly 30 years. When Andy came to the Disneyland Resort, he had many skills from the military that he uses every day in his role! When he was serving on active duty in the Coast Guard, he received a M.S. degree in Fire Protection Engineering, which is part of his role at the resort – designing systems that keep buildings and people safe from fire danger. He also credits the Coast Guard for his keen attention to detail, something that the Disneyland Resort takes great pride in!

Andy also serves a leadership role in the Diversity Resource Group SALUTE, a group made up of cast members that are dedicated to making the Disney experience even more magical for those who have served. The group is not only made up of veterans and active duty but also family members of those who are currently serving. The group is called upon to offer their unique perspective with insight and expertise on military culture and how that can affect our business, with topics ranging from marketing efforts to workplace initiatives, to entertainment offerings like the daily flag retreat.

Andy also noted how supportive Disney is of Cast Members who have served or are currently serving. As Andy currently serves in reserve duty, he could typically be required to serve 36 days a year, but sometimes has to be away longer. In 2010 Andy was called away for 60 days to support the response effort for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Most recently, he was serving in Hawaii for a joint military exercise which unexpectedly rolled into a hurricane response when major Hurricane Lane swept through the Pacific in August.

Get a glimpse into the flag retreat with this video below. If you’re heading into the parks soon, be sure to check it out and thank a veteran! It’s a truly magical and patriotic ceremony.

All of us here at DAPs Magic want to say “Thank you!” to those who have served and those who are in active duty. Thank you for making the greatest sacrifice to fight for our freedom!

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