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Time for one of my favorite parks in the entire resort! While it may still be fairly empty, Disney’s Hollywood Studios contains some of my favorite memories and experiences and it is always so much fun to spend a day there! Here’s a look into our adventures.

We spent our morning booking it for Toy Story Land, much like everyone else heading into the park. When we first got in, we had settled for simply taking pictures and walking around the park to see the theming. When I had jumped into the line for Slinky Dog Dash on a whim, we realized we would be doing a bit more than that! This turned out to be the first of two rides on this coaster for the day and we are so glad we did it! It truly blew our expectations out of the water!

No trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is complete without paying a visit to The Muppets, so our next stop was a trip to see Muppet-Vision 3D, which we still miss terribly at Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim! After the show, we wandered the courtyard snapping pictures and eventually ended up at PizzeRizzo for lunch!

After a fun-filled day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we took a quick boat over to Epcot for dinner so we could head back to Toy Story Land that night! We spent a relaxing dinner in the UK pavilion and truly made the most of our short time there! Check out the video below to see the rest of our adventures!

A huge thank you to our friend Mikey for joining us on our crazy adventures! Mikey is one of the most fun people we know and it was so wonderful to be able to spend the day with a friend who lives on the East coast!

What is your favorite thing to do in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments!

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