Come Fly with Us for Our First Day of Walt Disney World 2018 in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Welcome to the great DAPs trip of 2018! We’re having an absolutely magical time and we want to share the pixie dust from Walt Disney World to wherever you may be! We will be posting the highlights from each day of our journey, so we hope you come along with us!

Our first day in Walt Disney World was obviously started in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We stopped at some of our top spots and saw some of our favorite shows! One of our favorite things to do in any Disney park is slow down and take some photos, so we had an amazing opportunity to do so! Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a perfect place to “smell the roses” so the speak and we were so excited to take in everything there was to see! Check out our video below for more details on how we spent our morning!

We finished off the night at Epcot, where we ate dinner and took more pictures. Epcot is one of our absolute favorite parks, and it is always a treat to be able to step foot within the magical gates once again.

We finish off the night we a trip to our resort! Check out the video to see just how fun our hotel tower is!

As we said, we’ll be updating both here and on our Youtube channel with our adventures, so be sure to subscribe for more videos and our e-mail list so you don’t miss a second!

We want to know, what is your favorite thing to do at Walt Disney World? What do you want to see us do? Let us know!


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