Halloween Time Arrives at the Disneyland Resort – Sundays with DAPs

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Halloween Time has arrived at the Disneyland Resort! This weekend, the DAPS MAGIC team was on hand to experience and enjoy it! It seems like the celebration of Halloween is just as big as ever this year. It was a warm weekend but that didn’t stop people from enjoying the festivities. On Sunday the team started by enjoying the decorations before heading over to see A Musical Celebration of Coco in Disney California Adventure. Multiple attempts were made to live-stream throughout the day, but it was just too hot for iPhones. Several times the phones overheated and the streams were lost. All this to say, video is coming of some of our adventures from the day that weren’t streamed!

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DAPS MAGIC Team at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical CaféFollowing A Musical Celebration of Coco and a walkthrough of the Plaza de la Familia, the DAPS MAGIC team met up for their monthly team meeting at the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café on Buena Vista Street. There were a lot of fun ideas that came out of the meeting! Stay tuned to DAPS MAGIC to see some of these things come to fruition.

As we move forward we are continuing to push positivity and quality content. All of this comes within DAPS MAGIC’s core values that are:

  • Positivity
  • Magic
  • Respect
  • Family Friendly
  • Quality
  • Integrity

You can read more about these on our “about” page here.

Following the team meeting, it was dinner time! After an enjoyable dinner at Flo’s V-8 Cafe, the team stayed in Cars Land for the evening lighting moment. For Haul-O-Ween, things are a bit different in Cars Land. It is a lot of fun to watch. The team DID live-stream this but it is currently not working on YouTube for some reason. If we can make it work, we will get it posted and shared on this page.

Following the lighting moment, time was spent enjoying the atmosphere and taking pictures in Cars Land. This also included a walkthrough vide of the area at night. It really does get gorgeous during the evenings during Halloween Time.

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The next stop was with Oogie Boogie on Buena Vista Street. Every night he takes over the area as it becomes one of the spookiest spots in the Resort. It might be a bit intense for some small or more sensitive children. It really is cool though. The headless horseman also can be found on Buena Vista Street. It’s an awesome statue and great for photos both during the day and at night!

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Following some time on Buena Vista Street, the night wrapped up at Disneyland. There, the remaining members of the team watched Remember… Dreams Come True. It is a fireworks show that still holds up and is magical over ten years after being first released. It has changed over the years but it is still awesome. This year, the projection and laser effects have been enhanced and are really impressive!

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A few more pictures were taken after fireworks as the people left the park. With fewer people around, it was easier to get some pretty pictures as the night wore on. The busiest moment of the day was definitely right before and after Remember… Dreams Come True. The rest of the day really wasn’t too insanely busy.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Sundays with DAPs! As always, please feel free to say hi if you see us in the parks! Also, if you have any specific requests for live-streams and/or videos, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what your favorite part of this Sundays with DAPs was in the comments below! Make it a great week everyone!


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