Time to Celebrate, Disney Geeks! - DISNEY Reporter

Time to Celebrate, Disney Geeks! – DISNEY Reporter

Welcome to another week of Disney and geek headlines with the DISNEY Reporter. As with every week, DISNEY Reporter shares the top headlines of the week from the Disney and geek communities. This week things start off at Disney California Adventure. There, Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is now open. The Pixar Film Festival also is now presenting three new Pixar shorts. a bug’s land will also be saying goodbye this coming September. Over at Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth celebrated its 63rd birthday! In corporate news, Comcast dropped its bid to purchase 21st Century Fox leaving Disney as the only one still pursuing its acquisition.

At San Diego Comic-Con there was a lot of Disney news this week. There are some updates with DuckTales having Don Cheadle voicing Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros coming to the show. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will also be making a return for a final season. Finally, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be flying home for fans to watch from the comfort of their own home theaters this September.

What do you think are the top headlines for this week in the world of Disney and geek news? Let us know what headline you think is the top headline of the week. Also, let us know if you think we missed any top headlines. We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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