Donald Duck - DuckTales

Don Cheadle to Voice Donald Duck in Disney’s DuckTales!

Donald Duck is getting a new voice. At a San Diego Comic-Con panel focused on DuckTales, it was announced that Don Cheadle will be voicing Donald Duck. For the first time, the series will be getting an Academy Award-nominated actor joining its cast. Not only is Cheadle an Academy Award-nominated actor, he also portrays an Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Don Cheadle will be appearing in the show voicing Donald Duck.

Cheadle will not be replacing Donald’s current voice completely though. Tony Anselmo will continue in that role. Instead, Cheadle will be portraying Donald’s “intelligible voice.” This comes from an “inventive voicebox,” according to a press release from Disney.

“It’s an awesome opportunity because there are only so many roles that you look forward to playing as an actor,” Cheadle said. “You’ve got to do your homework and bring your a-game when you’re trying to voice Donald Duck.”

The “inventive voicebox” and Cheadle will be showing up in the season finale of the first season of DuckTales. The episode, titled, The Shadow War! has Magical de Spell continuing in her attempts to exact revenge on Scrooge McDuck. When she kidnaps him, the rest of the family races to save Scrooge from her impending doom.

The season one finale of DuckTales, The Shadow War!, will appear on August 18th on the Disney Channel at 9:30 am EDT. This finale will include Lin Manuel-Miranda as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera (Gizmoduck), Catherine Tate as Magica De Spell and Kimiko Glenn as Lena.

What do you think of Don Cheadle’s addition to the DuckTales cast? Are you excited for where this show is going? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!