Starting August 4th, Whosits & Whatsits will be hosting a community pop-up shop featuring magical brands that Disney fans love al across the internet! The shop will be at Anaheim GardenWalk, just minutes from Disneyland, and will feature

  • Whosits & Whatsits
  • 1138 Clothing
  • FanFlaire
  • Brianna Garcia
  • Abraham Lopez
  • Elhoffer Design
  • Oh Yeah Apparel
  • Adorkable Apparel

There will be exclusive items to shop and special events to attend throughout the run of the pop-up shop. Possibly even more exciting, there will be a dressing room available, so you can finally try on designs you’ve seen online! The announcement put out by Whosits & Whatsits has mentioned there will be more announcements, so stay connected so you don’t miss anything!